p-adic numbers: An introduction. Fernando Quadros Gouvea

p-adic numbers: An introduction

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p-adic numbers: An introduction Fernando Quadros Gouvea
Publisher: Springer

Chen Introduction to Numerical Analysis 2 ed – J.Stoer,R.Bulirsch Introduction To p-adic Numbers and p-adic Analysis – A. Introduction to p-adic numbers and valuation theory. It seems to me p-adic numbers and p-adic analysis always provide with good examples. A Computational Introduction To Number Theory And Algebra - Victor Shoups Code: Compact Numerical Methods for Computers Linear Algebra and Function Minimisation 2Ed - Adam Hilger Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/88998287/ Compact_Numerical_Methods_for_Computers_Linear_Algebra_and_Function_Minimisation_2Ed_-_Adam_Hilger.p .. -adic cohomology is unramified as a Galois representation. I will read the first chapter of it (only twenty pages). A book written by Neal Koblitz (GTM 58) seems to be a good introduction to this field. In this post, we consider the quest of computing the 5-adic expansion of 1/2. Introduction To p-adic Numbers and p-adic Analysis - A. And level K \subset G(\mathbb{A}_f) , giving rise to a Shimura variety M=M(G,\mathfrak{X},K) defined over the number field E , and given \mathfrak{p} some prime of E , when does M have good reduction at \mathfrak{p} ? Introduction to path integrals in field theory (Skriptum Uni-Giessen 1999). Introduction to Complex Analysis Lecture notes – W. Analysis/Introductory Real Analysis - A. Analysis/Introduction to the theory of Fourier's series and integrals 2ed- Carslaw H.S..djvu. In this post we sketch the significance of this question in the theory of (nice) automorphic forms. Analysis/Introduction To p-adic Numbers and p-adic Analysis - A.